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Free Guy: A Charming Surprise

Shawn Levy’s Free Guy is a surprisingly sweet and charming film. Marketed as a straight comedy, the film asks some interesting questions regarding AI and human existence. The exploration of those themes never gets bogged down in melodrama, thanks to great comedic moments spearheaded by Ryan Reynolds. Furthermore, the film also has some sweet romantic elements that pay off by the end. Overall, Free Guy is a surprisingly refreshing gem amid summer blockbuster season.

AI and Humanity
Ryan Reynolds Free Guy
Image Courtesy of Twentieth Century Studios

It seems profound to question whether or not artificially intelligent beings are truly alive. Free Guy does precisely that. It examines the relationship between coders and the AI they create. The film centers around the AI characters, and you develop a connection with them. They begin developing traits and characteristics of the coders who created them, and you start to question if they are alive. The theme of artificial intelligence creates a bridge between the virtual and tangible world, and the film treats both with dignity. Rather than have a virtual world with mindless killing and violence (Free City), the original coders Millie and Keys envision a more utopian world (Free World) where AI can grow and develop without the influence of violent outside players. It’s a fascinating deep wrinkle for a blockbuster comedy.

Great Comedy as Expected
Ryan Reynolds Lil Rel Howery Free Guy
Image Courtesy of Twentieth Century Studios

As with most films starring Ryan Reynolds, you expect a certain caliber of comedy, and Free Guy delivers flawlessly. Reynolds has created a comedic persona that comes across in many of his characters. In this film, he plays a mild, everyday, straight-man who casually operates within the crazy, hyper-violent world of Free City. His demeanor is so opposite to the world he lives in that the contrast does most of the comedic heavy lifting. Other characters within the world operate in the same manner. Buddy (Lil Rel Howery), Guy’s best pal, compliments Guy and adds charm to the crazy world.

A Low-Key Romance
Ryan Reynolds Jodie Comer Free Guy
Image Courtesy of Twentieth Century Studios

Another surprising element of Free Guy is its under-the-radar romance. The film has rom-com moments throughout, but things take off midway through. Guy and Molotov develop chemistry that grows as the film progresses. On the surface, their dynamic seems like a cute attraction. By the end of the film, those moments tell a deeper story you don’t expect. It’s the perfect payoff for a relationship built and established throughout the entire course of the film, and it will leave you with a case of the butterflies.

Ultimately, Free Guy is a film wrapped up in surprises that pay off for those who stick around for the ride.

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