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The Suicide Squad Review

The Buff and The Blazer August 15, 2021 128

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The Suicide Squad: Beautifully Bonkers

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is somewhat of a genre enigma. The film doesn’t seem to fall within any one traditional genre besides the standard “superhero.” It also wouldn’t be entirely wrong to call the film somewhat experimental. The film is a glorious example of what happens when a creative mind gets full reign of their project. Ultimately, The Suicide Squad delivers in every category. It features gritty action, bonkers comedy, and at its core, delivers heartfelt character moments that make you fall in love with the squad.

Redband Action Spectacle
King Shark The Suicide Squad
Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.

The Suicide Squad is a glorious gore fest in comparison to other superhero films. For a film that is entirely off-the-wall at times, the action and violence are oddly gritty and realistic. The film’s action sequences and the resulting aftermath heighten the stakes. You immediately get the impression that no character is safe. The film’s opening sequence perfectly demonstrates the lack of restraint for gritty, realistic action and the cost of those moments on the characters. The final sequence reflects the scale and off-the-rails nature of James Gunn’s visuals.

Bonkers Comedy
The Suicide Squad gif.
Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.

One of the most enjoyable qualities of The Suicide Squad comes from its comedy. Here, James Gunn’s sensibilities shine through every inch of the film. The Suicide Squad exudes humor from start to finish. It comes across through characters and their interactions, dialogue, and various plot elements. The humor is soo good that in any other director’s hands, it might have come at a cost to the dramatic moments in the film. James Gunn manages to utilize the comedy as an enhancement to the drama. King Shark’s comedic scenes best exemplify that point. Some of his first interactions with the squad come in the form of a midnight snack. We find out through Rat Catcher 2’s kindness towards him that he wants friends. The comedic scene enhances both King Shark, Ratcatcher 2, and pays off with a cute scene in the last half of the film. 

Heart of the Squad
Ratcatcher 2 gif
Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.

            The characters of The Suicide Squad tie the entire film together. Spectacle, comedy, and a heartfelt team-up weave together to create one of the most enjoyable films in the whole DCEU. Ratcatcher 2 gives the film its heart. The character helps develop everyone around her, and she changes them for the better. She smoothes out their rough edges with her kindness, and by the end of the film, we have a squad to root for, even through the wacky and gory violence. Ultimately, The Suicide Squad’s success comes from its characters, who you can’t help but fall in love with.

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