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The Hunt Review

The Buff and The Blazer April 26, 2020 72

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The Buff and The Blazer Episode 18: The Hunt Review

The Hunt: The One That Got Away

Out of the films we have reviewed so far, The Hunt is perhaps one of the most interesting in terms of its structure and genre. The film is hard to categorize. Horror, action, drama, comedy? It contains elements of each. Many films do. However, what makes The Hunt different is that instead of garnishing the main story with each element, it goes all-in on every beat. At any point, a scene can begin very suspensefully and morph into an overtly slapstick moment. However, even scene structures like those are not uncommon. Many parodies and mocumentary films play into those beats. What The Hunt suffers from is a lack of identity.

The Hunt (2020)
Image Courtesy of Universal
Obscurity on Display

The opening scene of the film had promise. It was suspenseful, creepily eccentric, and seemingly unpredictable. Those strengths immediately begin to unravel as the film takes an anything-goes approach in terms of its focus. To be more specific, The Hunt challenges your sensibilities. Should you laugh, cry or feel uncomfortable? It is hard to tell if that was the filmmaker’s intention. The fact that The Hunt is listed as a horror film further confuses things. At times, the film seems self-aware of its ridiculous qualities. You could easily mistake it for a parody during those moments. At other times, the film takes itself far too seriously and tries to convey a moral. That ambiguity is apparent from start to finish.   

Betty Gilpin The Hunt
Image Courtesy of Universal

The Hunt is well acted and produced. Everything seems to match the page. Actors deliver their lines with believability, shots are well planned out, and you believe the setting you are in. This film’s lack of identity stems from the page itself. Had the film focused on any one of the genres discussed above, it could have been much more enjoyable and digestible. Ultimately, and avoiding a good or bad stamp, The Hunt is certainly one of the most unique films you will see this year.  

The Hunt is available to stream now!

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