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Candyman Review

The Buff and The Blazer September 11, 2021 20

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The Buff and The Blazer Episode 87: Candyman Review

Candyman: A Deep, Stylish Return

Nia Dacosta’s Candyman brings an updated, stylish take on the 90s horror flick. The art world plays a role in the film’s setting, and Dacosta’s visual style is an art in itself. The visuals create a cold, sleek atmosphere that compliments the film’s horror element. Aside from the aesthetics, Candyman tells a story that is hauntingly relevant for modern society. Weaved together, the visual artistry and deep-cutting storyline create a solid addition to the horrific saga.

An Art Piece
Image Courtesy of Universal

Candyman features beautiful cinematography loaded with stylistic contemporary set designs that enhance the story. Gentrification plays a central role in the film’s plot as the modern cityscape engulfs the Cabrini-Green housing project. The city towers over the pain and suffering of Cabrini-Green. As we move into the city, the contemporary angles and symmetry of the buildings create a beautiful visual language. The symmetrical lines of the cityscape appear like sharp knives cutting through the sky. 

Skyscrapers candyman
Image Courtesy of Universal

As we move into the interiors, the color palette becomes cold and lifeless. Any sense of warmth or comfort fades, and the hyper-contemporary décor creates a dead yet chic atmospheric backdrop. The contrast of visuals and atmosphere highlight the film’s complexity. While those artistic elements complement the story, they also add a stylish flair to a seemingly horrific tale

A Layered Story
Cabrini-Greene Candyman
Image Courtesy of Universal

The lore of Candyman seems more relevant today than ever before. The essence of the character stems from the painful memories and suffering of inequality. His very existence becomes a physical manifestation of grief. That in itself would be enough to deliver a powerful message. In addition, the film addresses the hardships of financial inequality and the toll it has on affected communities. The Cabrini-Greene community serves as the primary driver of that theme. Poverty and racial injustices all play a role in the suffering of the community. Eventually, the city swallows up any traces of their memories, leaving them lost to time. The Candyman is the last tie to the past that keeps their shared memories alive. 

Ultimately, Candyman succeeds as a sequel film within the horror genre but delivers much more than you expect.

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