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Let Him Go Review

The Buff and The Blazer December 6, 2020 86

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The Buff and The Blazer Episode 50: Let Him Go Review

Let Him Go: Lane and Costner Forever

Thomas Bezucha’s Let him Go is a story about connection and loss. The entire cast from top to bottom is fantastic. It’s no secret, however, that Diane Lane and Kevin Costner bring the clout. The veteran actors have a natural chemistry that sells their portrayed on-screen marriage. Within the intricacies of their performance, we also get deeper themes of loss. Lastly, we get a sense of their firm conviction. All of those elements are beautifully tied together because of their performance.

Mad Chemistry
Diane Lane and Kevin Costner
Image Courtesy of Focus Features

Let Him Go is the second film pairing of Lane and Costner. Their debut in 2013’s Man of Steel was also impressive. While their past individual performances are top-notch, it is still no small feat to pull off such a natural pairing. In Let Him Go, we understand that both Lane and Costner have been together for years. There is no question the characters they play (Margaret and George) care about each other. Yet, within that, there is an element of comfortable annoyance between them. They are older and wiser together. Those small details sell the realism of their bond.

Dealing With Loss
Kevin Costner Let Him Go
Image Courtesy of Focus Features

Loss is a theme that runs through the entire film. The way George and Margaret handle loss inspires the plot. Here again, the subtlety in Laine and Costner’s performances is vital. Starting with George, we find him to be a bit detached after his son’s death. In a way, it’s as if he is trying to erase the pain from his mind by ignoring it. George appears eager to return to his routine on the ranch.

Diane Lane Let Him Go
Image Courtesy of Focus Features

Margaret, on the other hand, reacts much differently. Her son is physically alive through her grandson. The closer he is to her, the closer James is. That could come across as insane or obsessive, but Diane Lane holds back. Her performance comes across as warm and concerned. She is easily relatable as a protective grandmother. We even see this in the opening scene as she insists on bathing her grandson over his mother. We find Margaret’s traits are key in starting the plot.

Developing a Conviction
Kevin Costner
Image Courtesy of Focus Features

Early in the film, we get a sense of Margaret’s determination. She believes her grandson is in danger and is willing to drop everything to search for him. George, on the other hand, is resistant. Costner here pulls off the grizzled old sheriff. He is skeptical and almost comes across as unconcerned. As the film develops, we see his conviction take a turn. Both George and Margaret get in deep, but their belief strengthens. George transforms the most. By the end, he is willing to go all the way for his grandson, and we see the cost. Margaret rubs off on him, and he sees the importance of the cause through her eyes.

Ultimately, Let Him Go succeeds thanks to Diane Lane and Kevin Costner’s wonderful performances.

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