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Irresistible Review

The Buff and The Blazer July 5, 2020 136

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The Buff and The Blazer Episode 28: Irresistible Review

Irresistible: Enough Clever and Comedy to go Around

If we could sum up John Stewart’s Irresistible in one word it would be: Clever. At a time when unpredictable films are scarce, this one delivers just enough to satisfy. One common critique of Stewart’s film is that it teaches nothing new. It is a fair critique. The themes and points of the film are not new by any means. If you have engaged at all with politics even over the last few years, you know this. You should also realize that most films being released rarely teach us anything new. Just recall your standard MCU or other superhero film. Irresistible is simply an entertaining comedy that sheds a little more light on the corrupted American political system.

Steve Carrel Irresistible
Image Courtesy of Focus Features
A Mirror to the Times

The best films are often a reflection of their time and Irresistible is just that. The film’s dialogue features some of the most common rhetoric in American politics today. Stewart orchestrates those moments in a way that allows the viewer to react as an outside observer. We hear the same lines spoken by talking heads on the news and they are just as ridiculous. The events of the film appear as satire, but by the end, we understand how accurate Stewart’s interpretation is. If Stewart is telling us nothing new, he is at least making us feel something more.

Rose Byrne Irresistible
Image Courtesy of Focus Features
Constructing Clever

Ironically, the major strength of Irresistible has little to do with politics. It has mostly to do with a unique story and an unpredictable finish. Films with endings that completely surprise you are hard to come by these days. Somehow, Stewart has not only offered a meaningful message but has also managed to do so in a completely entertaining way. You never feel as though you are being force-fed. The structure of the film has natural pacing to it which builds and sets you up for a grand finish.

Steve Carrel 2020
Image Courtesy of Focus Features
Fun for All

Irresistible also features some genuinely hilarious comedy. Stewart’s comedic background, along with great performances by Steve Carrel (Gary Zimmer) and Rose Byrne (Faith Brewster) offer great punch. The comedic tone in Irresistible is oddly over-the-top and entirely realistic at the same time. The comedic moments expose our absurd political practices in a way that is entertaining and self-reflective. Stewart caters to neither side of the political spectrum with his comedic jabs. He instead, showcases the massive flaws and absurd aspects of the whole system. By the end, you will feel oddly ridiculous, satisfied and fulfilled.

Irresistible is available on demand now!

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