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The Gentlemen Review

The Buff and The Blazer February 9, 2020 1232 1

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The Buff and The Blazer Episode 6: The Gentlemen Review

Larger Than Life Characters

Guy Ritchie’s latest film, The Gentlemen, showcases some quintessential qualities we’ve come to expect from him. The film showcases larger-than-life characters that are filled with personality. The cast, consisting of Mathew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Michelle Dockery, Hugh Grant and Colin Farrell to name a few, breath life into the characters they portray. Their performances enhance the narrative and give the film a captivating quality that movie-goers will appreciate.

Still from The Gentlemen (2020)
Image Courtesy of Miramax
The Investigator

            To start, Hugh Grant plays a character named Fletcher. His performance, together with witty comedic writing from Guy Ritchie, allows his performance to soar. Although Fetcher is somewhat sleazy and greedy, there is a very likeable quality to him. Grant balances those elements of his character in a delicate tightrope act that makes you both hate and adore him. Aside from his sleaziness and cleverness, there are also some subtle homosexual undertones that add to the comedic nature of his character during his interaction with Ray.

Still from The Gentlemen (2020)
Image Courtesy of Miramax
The Englishman

            Portrayed by Charlie Hunnam, Ray is another great example of a larger-than-life character that fits Guy Ritchie’s style. On the outside, Ray is an upstanding Englishman. He sports sophisticated spectacles and cardigan. As Fletcher lays out the dirt he’s compiled on Mickey, Ray exhibits extreme control and restraint. He even prepares a steak for Fletcher, despite his constant pestering. The audience ultimately finds out that underneath the clean-cut persona, Ray is ready to kill or beat anyone to a pulp.

Still from The Gentlemen (2020)
Image Courtesy of Miramax
The Cowboy and the Lady

            Mickey Pearson, portrayed by Mathew McConaughey, is an American steeped in British culture. While he appears to be a brash cowboy type at times, he is also very comfortable wheeling and dealing with the very top ranks of English society. Mickey’s other half Rosalind played by Michelle Dockery, is a hard-nosed English woman who knows her own way around the world of business. She operates an auto garage that caters to women. She also keeps Mickey in check at times when he’s in over his head.

Still from The Gentlemen (2020)
Image Courtesy of Miramax
The Coach

            The Coach, played by Collin Farrell is also worth noting. Coach runs a training ring for young men and is well known. On the outside, he appears to be a little harmless man, but as we know by now, looks are deceiving in The Gentlemen. In one scene, a group of young punks attempt to shank Coach. He takes them all on and embarrass them with more than adequate fighting skills.

Gif image from The Gentlemen (2020)
Courtesy of Miramax

            Each of the characters in Guy Ritchie’s latest film, are more than what they seem. Physical appearances do not necessarily correspond to actions. A true nature of violence and skill is hidden by the appearance of gentlemen.  

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