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Project Power Review

The Buff and The Blazer August 30, 2020 183

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The Buff and The Blazer Episode 36: Project Power Review

Project Power: Entering the Superhero Genre

The Netflix original film Project Power is a new entry into the superhero genre. Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman’s film is gritty, well shot, and features great actors. Despite some of its weaknesses, there is enough to keep the film entertaining.

Bringing on the Grit
New Project Power
Image Courtesy of Netflix

One of the noticeable elements of the film is its dark tone. While the tone may be inconsistent at times, when things go dark, it works well. The superpowers in Project Power come from the animal kingdom. By taking a pill, the characters wield those powers for five minutes. Two scenes showcase the grit and brutality of Project Power. Newt (Machine Gun Kelly) has the power of fire. He combusts and becomes a blazing ball of energy. The visual is brutal, and the character looks like he is in agonizing pain. There is another dark scene later. One of the potential buyers of the pill serves as a test subject. When she takes the pill, she gains the power of thermoregulation. Things quickly go awry, and the aftermath is intense. Those two scenes are just a few highlights of the grit in Project Power.   

Super Camerawork
Project Power
Image Courtesy of Netflix

Project Power is a visually exciting film. The energetic camerawork is a staple of the action and atmosphere of the film. The camera is continuously moving. Many of the action sequences feature adapting camera-moves. There is a fight sequence in the hallway of a ship. Frank (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and a goon get into a claustrophobic brawl. The two characters start on their feet and quickly invert. The camera rolls with them and follows closely. Some of the more static shots are also visually appealing. There are a lot of Dutch tilts and other interesting compositions. Ultimately, the camera creates an otherworldly frame for the superhuman characters.

Otherworldly Talent
Dominique Fishback 2020
Image Courtesy of Netflix

The actors in Project Power are the biggest strength of the film. Jamie Foxx headlines, and he brings an extreme level of authenticity as usual. He shines as a determined father and former military man for the role. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has also become a staple name in the acting world. His performance as the renegade cop Frank is believable and entertaining. The show-stealer of the film is Robin (Dominique Fishback). Dominique brings an element of youth and power to the role. Her character is young, but she is not afraid to speak her mind and stand up to authority. Her energy sets the tone for the entire film.

Dark elements, exciting visuals, and outstanding talent keep Project Power afloat and make it worthwhile for fans of the superhero genre.

Project Power is available on Netflix now!

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