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Nobody: Suburbia Gets the John Wick Treatment

Ilya Naishuller’s Nobody has all the makings of a John Wick film. A retired badass living the civilian life gets ticked off and goes on a rampage. As simple as the story sounds, it makes for excellent cinema. But Nobody has a few more tricks in the toolbox that set it apart from the John Wick franchise. The film contains a lot of dry, subtle humor that we didn’t see much of in John Wick. It also features an iconic and fulfilling Home Alone-esque finale. But more importantly than anything, the film features an unlikely anti-action hero in Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk), who you root for with every punch. 

Humor Out to Dry
Nobody movie gif
Image Courtesy of Universal

One of the immediate things you notice while watching Nobody is its dry and witty humor. The film’s quick snippets of comedy will have you chuckling from start to finish. Many comedic moments have to do with timing and quirk, but some larger comedic scenes add to the fun. All of the comedy comes together to bring a level of fun and enjoyment that you don’t often see in action revenge films.   

The Home Alone Treatment
Nobody movie gif
Image Courtesy of Universal

Like many films before it, Nobody features a Home Alone-style sequence. What results is an over-the-top, action-filled scene that is as entertaining as it is bloody. The final scene is the culmination of the film’s stunts and action compiled into one extensive sequence. It features hand-made death gadgets and contraptions used to destroy the antagonists of the film. The sequence feels suitable for the tone and setting of the film and will leave you fulfilled by the end.

The Anti-Action Hero
Bob Odenkirk Nobody
Image Courtesy of Universal

Above anything else, the best quality of Nobody comes from its title. The film centers around an improbable action hero. That perception comes from Bob Odenkirk’s performance as Hutch Mansell. Odenkirk pulls off both the middle-aged suburban pushover and the ex-FBI angel of death personas seen in the film. While we usually don’t associate Bob Odenkirk with massive action roles, he showcases a grizzled attitude that feels oddly natural. At the same time, you also buy him as a typical soccer dad. Odenkirk’s performance serves as the heart and soul of the film and allows you to buy into the world presented. 

In a nutshell, Nobody features all of the best elements of John Wick, with double the laughs and triple the fun.

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